Spotlight Trails of the Week – Raven Run Nature Sanctuary


What to say about Raven Run? I’m guessing its already the most well known hiking spot in the Lexington area and, judging by how many people I encountered the last few times I’ve been there, which has not been recently, and by how many photos I see posted on Facebook still, probably the most visited. You can go into Google Earth and see dozens and dozens of photos, and read a lot of reviews online. So there is not much left for me to say.

When I did visit, I almost exclusively did the Red Trail, and just a few others like down to Evans Mill, and the Overlook, so I’ve really only seen about half of it. Until I got the GIS files to make the map on the web site from a LFUCG planner, I never saw on the old trail map all of the trails there around the Prather House on the front part of the property. I guess the way those trails are considered part of the Meadow Trail even though they are separated by quite a distance, and are shown in green that they fade into the background on the map and are easy to miss. On our map, I’ve highlighted them in a different color and given it the Prather Trail name – it was distinct in their GIS files as well, so don’t know how it got merged into the Meadow Trail on the old trail map.

I do plan to go back in Spring and take some photos and hike some of the trails I haven’t been on. In the meantime, tell me about what I’ve missed.

-Don Perkins

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