Spotlight Trail of the Week – Palisades Adventures Ramp

Palisades Adventures Ramp

Another water trail this week. This is one I would recommend. There is not a whole lot extra to say about this particular ramp over what is already on the web site. Its a little tricky spotting the Palisades Rd that you need to turn on after crossing the Brooklyn Bridge into Mercer County on US 68. There are a couple of other private drives there on the left. My advice is to look for the old fenced off mine entrance on the right, and then take the next left which looks like a gravel drive. Go down this road about 700 feet, and you’ll see the ramp on the left. I usually park just past the ramp in what looks like an area for about 3 cars. Deposit your $3 ramp fee in the mailbox there by the ramp. Its a very long and steep ramp, but they’ve been keeping it pretty clear of mud.

The scenery is very good in either direction. Upstream there are more palisades and you can get up to dam 7. You can also do a paddle/hike by taking out at the Wilmore Water intake and hiking on the Asbury Trails. Downstream feels more remote. If you get down to Shawnee Run, its worth going up that creek, and a good place to get out and take a lunch break.



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