Spotlight Trails of the Week – Veterans Park

A lot of firsts this week – our first location that is a city park, has a shared use paved path, and a mountain bike trail.

The 1 mile paved shared-use path is a great place for people just getting into shape, either walking, jogging, or biking. There are connector trails off of this trail to neighborhood roads where you can continue for longer distances as you gain endurance. I’ve seen a moms with strollers type group meeting out here, so you can probably get in on more social exercise at this location.

The mountain bike trail is one of the few in the area. The only others I’ve heard about are in Frankfort, near Georgetown, and over in the Cave Run Lake area (are there others?). I’m not a regular cyclist, but I did get out on this trail last year and had a ball. Was a little sore in the forearms where I was gripping the handlebars and brakes a little too tightly in the beginning. Otherwise, its a beginner friendly trail. I did it during a school day, so not sure what its like with more experienced riders out on the trail.

– Don Perkins

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