Spotlight Trail of the Week – Harrodsburg Road Bike Path


Have you heard about the Harrodsburg Road Bike Path? At 10.5 miles long round trip (5.25 miles one way), it is the longest multi-use path in Jessamine County. Part of the path is the seldom traveled old Harrodsburg Road, and part of it is a new paved path. The trail stretches from the entrance of Harrods Ridge subdivision, on the North end, near Springhouse Gardens, to the “Y” intersection where highway 68 and highway 29 split, on the South end. There is no trailhead at this point in time, so where you start the path and where you park is up to you. Bluegrass Cycling Club parks at Kroger in Bellerive and rides on the shoulder of the Harrodsburg Road four lane for a bit. Some people park at Golf Club of the Bluegrass. Some park in any adjoining neighborhood. Mayor Sutherland said that he parks in Barkley Estates. There are plenty of options of where to start. And there is a possibility that someday this path will be extended all the way to Wilmore. Wouldn’t that be nice? But for the time being, get out there and check out the Harrodsburg Road Bike Path. It’s a safe alternative to riding on some of those high-traffic roads we have around here. Happy walking, running, skating, or cycling on this multi-use path!

Lindsay, JCTA member and amateur cyclist

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