Spotlight Trail of the Week – Dupree Nature Preserve

Dupree Nature Preserve is one of if not the newest trail system in the area. It has been set up to handle a high volume of visitors, especially groups. Its has a large parking area, the trails near the parking area are wide gravel paths, and there are a couple of little amphitheater areas for group talks.

Still, the preserve has quite a lot of wildlife and wildflowers. The parking area and sides of the paths near the parking area have been seeded with a lot of wildflowers. The meadow areas have been seeded and managed to encourage native grasses. The more natural areas farther down the trails have a sprinkling of natural flowers. There are a couple of trails that will appeal to the hikers that like narrow trails. I know the local birder groups come out here for the bird-watching.

I like to hike all the trails in one go. It does require retracing some of the trails, but you get a good 4.4 miles in with close to 400 feet elevation change down to the river.

– Don Perkins

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