Spotlight Trail of the Week – Asbury Cross Country Trails

Out of the woods

In Wilmore, Asbury’s Luce Physical Activities Center has just about every possible indoor and outdoor athletic facility that you can imagine. While access is mainly for Asbury students, faculty, and staff, memberships are available for alumni and community members. Community member access is limited when school is in session to certain hours.

Around the complex, there is a series of trails used by the cross country teams for home meets that is available for use the rest of the time by anyone. They are mostly mowed trails through the fields around the complex, but there is one wooded section in the back of the property. Its an easy 2.2 mile walk around the perimeter of the trails. If you don’t want to run or jog on pavement, you can carve out a several mile run easily. For a longer run including a distance on pavement, you can head down Kinlaw Dr towards Centennial Park and include its multi-use path on your route.

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