Spotlight Trails of the Week – Sally Brown and Crutcher Nature Preserves

Spring Beauty

These two preserves are some of the best places for spring wildflowers. Like most of the other locations in the palisade region, the elevation change and rocky outcrops provides different habitats for the different kinds of flowers. The slopes the trails pass through on these preserves also face mostly east, which may also influence the number and types of flowers over some of the western and northern facing preserves in the area have.

Take the Sally Brown trail to eventually go down to river level at its furthest extent, or take the Crutcher trail which goes up a creek bed. Or do both for a good 5.7 mile workout.

TNC volunteers changed the Crutcher Trail last December. It used to dump you out on the road at its furthest extent and the usual route from there was a half mile walk back to the parking lot on the road or you could double back and do the majority of the same trail back. Now you can loop back most of the way back, with a little more than a 1/4 mile back on the trail you did on the way in.

– Don Perkins

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