Dupree NP

A 300 acre Nature Conservancy nature preserve in the palisades region of the Kentucky River in Garrard County. A variety of habitats are observable at the different elevation levels of the preserve. Very good birding and wildflower spotting spring through fall, and better river and palisade views in winter.

Safety:  Consider bringing drinking water, sunscreen, bug repellent, and sunglasses.

Activities: hiking nodog        Facilities:  restroom picnic


Facility and Trail Map


▬▬ Main Trail hiking nodog Easy 0.64 miles one way
▬▬ Overlook Trail hiking nodog Moderate 1.0 miles
▬▬ Meditation Trail hiking nodog Easy 0.20 miles
▬▬ Cliff Trail hiking nodog EasyModerate 0.16 miles
▬▬ River Trail hiking nodog EasyModerate 0.62 miles one way
▬▬-Brooks-Schwantes Trail hiking nodog Easy 0.3 miles

Trail Descriptions

Main Trail: A gravel trail from the parking lot that connects with the Overlook, Cliff, River and Brooks-Schwantes Trails. A little elevation change. Goes through a couple of open grassy fields and wooded areas.

Overlook Trail: A dirt trail that goes through a wooded area and connects to the Meditation and Cliff Trails. It has a couple of overlooks of the Kentucky River, and not much elevation change.

Meditation Trail: A dirt trail with little elevation change that has a meditation bench that overlooks the Kentucky River.

Cliff Trail: A very steep trail that connects the River and Overlook Trails.

River Trail: A rocky roadbed trail that takes you down to the river. Has a large elevation change, but is not very steep.

Brooks-Schwantes Trail: A trail that can be used as an alternate to the Main Trail for some distance, with similar features.


Take US 27 south into Garrard County. Turn right on KY 1845. Follow it until it ends at the Camp Dick Fire Station. Turn right on Pollys Bend Rd. The Dupree Nature Preserve will be on the left.

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