Jessamine County is uniquely centered in the Kentucky River Valley’s palisade region. There are many hiking trails that allow exploration of this area. Most trails are open dawn to dusk, with the exception of Raven Run and Asbury Trails.

Maps of Area Hiking Trails

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Trails West of US 27


Trails East of US 27


Summary of Hiking Trails

Location # of Hiking Trails Easiest Trail Hardest Trail Total Trail Distance Facilities
Asbury Trails  6 Easy EasyEasyEasy 2.3 miles restroom
Camp Nelson National Monument  5 Easy EasyEasy 5.0 miles picnic restroom
Dupree Nature Preserve 6 Easy EasyEasy 4.4 miles picnic restroom
Hickman Creek Nature Center 2 Easy EasyEasy 2.4 miles None
Jessamine Creek Gorge Preserve 1 EasyEasy EasyEasy 2.1 miles picnic
Jim Beam Nature Preserve 1 Easy Easy 0.8 miles picnic
Raven Run Nature Sanctuary 8 Easy EasyEasy 10 miles picnic restroom
Sally Brown / Crutcher Nature Preserves 3 EasyEasy EasyEasy 6.7 miles picnic
Shaker Village 14 Easy EasyEasyEasy 36.1 miles restroom picnic
Tom Dorman State Nature Preserve 2 Easy EasyEasy 2.5 miles  None

Local Group Links

Hikers of the Bluegrass Meetup Group

Central Kentucky Backpackers Meetup Group