Palisades Adventures Ramp

***This boat ramp is privately owned and no longer open as of 2020.***

A privately owned fee ramp in Mercer County that allows access to the upper part of Pool 6 on the Kentucky River. There is limited room for parking here. Pool 6 contains spectacular palisades.

Safety Considerations: Check river levels before attempting to paddle the Kentucky River. Always wear a properly sized PFD/life jacket. Bring drinking water, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Activities:   canoeing      Facilities: None  

Facility and Trail Map


▬▬ Upstream canoeing Moderate 7 miles
▬▬ Downstream canoeing ModerateModerate 9+ miles

Trail Descriptions

Upstream to Dam 7: Spectacular palisades greet you right off the ramp on one side, and houses on the other. More palisades appear as you get close to Dam 7. You can park at the Wilmore water intake rock bar (at normal river levels) and hike up to the Asbury Trails for a nice paddle/hike combo.

Downstream: Once you get past a few houses, the area becomes fairly remote. In 4 miles (8 miles round trip), Shawnee Run is on the left and is navigable quite a way. In 4.5 miles (9 mile round trip) is the Chinn Homestead and Mundys Landing area on the right. You can continue many more miles in Pool 6.


136 Palisades Road
Harrodsburg, KY 40330

Head south on US 68 until crossing into Mercer County. Turn on the first left, Palisades Rd. The ramp is on the left.

Google Maps Driving Directions

For More Information

Kentucky River Level in Pool 6

Kentucky River Navigation Charts (Ramp is on Chart 16)