US 27 Eastern Bypass Multipurpose Path

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The first phase of the eastern bypass (technically KY 2827) that goes between US 27 south of Nicholasville to Sulphur Well Rd/KY 39 has a multipurpose path that is now open. The section along the bypass is about 2.6 miles long. Plus, there is a .75 mile extension along KY 39 over to Maple Leaf Ln, the East Jessamine High School Rd.

There is a dedicated trail parking lot a short distance from the bypass on KY 39 with 13 parking spaces.  There are a lot of stubs along the bypass that are not currently hooked into active roads.

Only the red and yellow trails in the map below have been completed. The blue and green sections are awaiting funding for full completion. This page and map may disappear at any time since they are just a volunteer supplied graphics, not supplied by the JCHD or through any other county funding.