Harrodsburg Road Multipurpose Path

A combination of paved paths and sections of the old Harrodsburg Rd that were left when Harrodsburg Rd was widened. Goes from near the Golf Club of the Bluegrass down to near where KY 29 splits from US 68 outside of Wilmore.

Safety:  Consider bringing drinking water, sunscreen, bug repellent, and sunglasses. Always wear a properly fitting cycling helmet when cycling.

Activities: biking Walking dog       Facilities:  None

Facility and Trail Map


Multi-purpose Path Cycling Walking - Jogging Dogs allowed EasyEasy 10.5 miles round trip

Trail Descriptions

Multi-purpose Path: On the northern end, the path starts as a paved road consisting of the old Harrodsburg Rd section that was cut off from US 68 when it was widened (Barbaro Ln), then a paved path that crosses US 68 at KY 169, then alternates between paved road (Almahurst Way, Sunset Ln) and path. Moderate elevation change with low gradient throughout.


The northern terminus is at the intersection of US 68 and Barbaro Ln in northern Jessamine County. There is good parking at the Golf Club of the Bluegrass or Springhouse Gardens.

Google Maps Driving Directions

The southern terminus is at the Corman entrance north of the US 68 and KY 29 split northeast of Wilmore. You can park on the street on Sunset Ln, which is the old Harrodsburg Rd just north of KY29.

Google Maps Driving Directions